About Us

Glenfield Family Doctors is a member of ProCare, which is New Zealand's largest network of general practitioners, nurses and general practice teams.

The clinic is a Cornerstone accredited practice, meaning it has achieved the 'Aiming for Excellence' certification, which is a valuable patient-centred approach to primary health care that every practice across New Zealand strives towards and which is overseen by the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners.

The clinic is owned and led by Dr Jocelyn Lydford who has over 27 years experience in general medicine practice. She completed her initial medical training in the Philippines and became a Fellow of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners in 2008.

For the last 18  years, she has been working closely with the Glenfield and neighbouring communities in providing quality primary healthcare and as a result has developed strong relationships with her patients and the community. It is also during this time that she developed an interest in functional medicine, which she has been practicing, in addition to general medicine.

Dr Lydford believes that environmental inputs, mind body connections and genetic makeup contribute significantly to a person's health and wellbeing. Her desire is to get to the root cause of a patient's medical complaint, which requires a detailed understanding of a patient's genetic profile, their biochemistry as well as their lifestyle factors in improving their health outcomes.

To ensure that the clinic offers both general medicine and functional medicine services, Dr. Lydford has been joined by Dr. Wei Ping Yao and
Dr. Victoria Ring to continue providing quality healthcare services to the community. They are supported by a team of committed and loyal clinical and administrative staff, who ensure that the clinic's vision is realized.


Dr Jocelyn Lydford
Founder and Medical Director

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