General Practice Consulting

Both doctors at the clinic offer general medicine consultations, which encompasses a broad range of medical disciplines and treats patients of both genders and at all stages of life.

Some of the services provided at the clinic include:

  • Minor surgery
  • Skin cancer checks
  • Women's health
  • Cervical smear screening
  • Menopause advice
  • Childhood immunisations including Flu vaccinations and other vaccines as required
  • Accident care
  • Liquid nitrogen treatment
  • Well child/woman/man checks
  • First trimester maternity care
  • Drivers Licence Medicals/Insurance Medicals/Diving Medicals
  • Travel Medicine


The clinic operates by appointment only. Prior bookings are essential to ensure we can deliver an efficient healthcare service to our patients.
Standard appointments:
Each appointment is 15 minutes long in duration, which includes the time required to complete your records. This is the basis for our fee structure. It is usually only possible for a clinician to deal with one clinical concern within that time period where the consultation and any related tasks such as referrals and medical reports are completed. This assists the practice in avoiding delays and ensuring that every patient is seen on time.
Longer appointments:

To be considerate of other patients, remember to book a double appointment or a second appointment if you think you may require more than a 15-minute consultation. Please note a longer appointment will be charged a long consultation fee whether or not a double appointment has been booked. Please refer to fees schedule.

Cancellation of Appointments:
Please keep your appointments as booked. If you are unable to attend, we require notice of cancellation at least 3 hours prior to the appointment time. In the event of non- attendance without prior notice, a charge of $20 is levied.
Waiting Time & Delays:
We make every effort to operate on time but on occasion, unexpected emergencies or consultations may run over resulting in a delay. Please bear with us in this regard.

Medical Certificates and Sickness Benefit Certificates

These require an appointment with the doctor. Fees apply.
Repeat Prescriptions
Repeat prescriptions are provided for certain stable ongoing conditions according to a policy developed by the practice consistent with safe medical care. You will be required to see your doctor for a review at regular intervals to ensure your conditions are monitored. Repeat prescriptions can be collected the following day. A re-issue for a lost repeat prescription is subject to the same fee as a new repeat prescription. Please note that for urgent requests (same day), fax/posted prescriptions will attract a higher fee.
Test Results
It is always advisable to contact the clinic about your laboratory results as stated on the request forms. We will endeavour to contact you of any abnormal results as soon as possible.
House Calls
Are only available to high needs patients who are unable to attend surgery and can be arranged by contacting the nurse. A house call fee applies to cover both travel & extra time involved.

Nurse Consultations

Are also only available by appointment. The nurse services include:
  • Immunisations
  • Travel vaccines
  • Dressings
  • Liquid nitrogen treatment
  • BP checks
  • Diet/health education
Please note that specific fees may apply for services performed outside funded programmes to cover the nurse's time and the cost of materials/consumables used in a treatment.